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• Red Dons "Fake Meets Failure" CD

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The second Lp from one of my current fave bands – now that’s a great start to a bad Monday.  Forget the Observers, this is THE RED DONS – listen to it with fresh new ears and stop harkening back to the past.  Less dramatic and herky-jerky than their last LP, more to-the-point, driving a stomping beat that’s cloaked in darkness whilst soaking up the dense gloom of the Pacific Northwest.  Take the epic heaviness of FROM ASHES RISE, dilute it to a more punk rock formula, throw in the density of the WIPERS and add some early- ‘80s LA hardcore melody, and that’s the winning concoction of the RED DONS.  The first LP is great; this is amazing, less complicated, more rock with a straightforward approach that doesn’t come off as simple.  Tune after tune after tune, a Scandinavian feel shines through the more I listen, with a hint of early UK82 Riot-City type punk rock.  This might be my record of the year.