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Distributed Labels

We carry and having this below label titles distributed thru our web store and our shop at Tandang Store.
All these aforementioned label are mend to be our favorites and equally important in a sense of releasing tons of great bands with high quality production.

So you can basically order almost all IN STOCK items from the mention label. We try to enlarge and expand our catalog from time to time. The items with "PRE-ORDER" tag are considered to be a back-ordered items but still available from the label to purchase. Please allowed 4-6 weeks for any back order/Pre-Order items to arrive. Thanks

List of our Distributed Label:


Cactus Records (Malaysia)
Tandang Records (Malaysia)
Pissed Off! Records (Malaysia)

Grimloc Records (Indonesia)
Yesnowave Records (Indonesia)
Orange Cliff Records (Indonesia)
Senyawa Mandiri (Indonesia)
Binatang Press! (Indonesia)
Disaster Records (Bandung, Indonesia)

Revelation Records (New York)
Sacred Bones Records (New York)
Relapse Records (Pennsylvania)
Southern Lord Records (Los Angelas)
Tee Pee Records (New York)

Temporary Residence Records (New York)
Light In the Attics (Seattle)
Microcosm Publishing (Portland, Oregon)
Dischord Records (Washington, DC)


Svart Records (Finland)
Radio Martiko (Belgium)
La Vida Es Un Mus Records (UK)
High Roller Records (Germany)
Season of Mist Records (France)

BreaktheRecords (Japan)

Blastasfuck Records (Australia)