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F.O.A.D (Italy)

F.O.A.D. was started in 1986 by Marco Garripoli as a skate-Hardcore-Thrash fanzine on Xeroxed paper. 7 issues were published (1986/1990), all of them limited to a few hundred copies. In the years to follow F.O.A.D. gradually turned into a DIY label mainy releasing unreleased recordings on tape, the most remarkable of them being an INDIGESTI rehearsal Demo later re-issued on the band’s official “Sguardo realtà” early days CD, BLUE VOMIT – Live 1982 cassette, BAD BRAINS “Roir session + live” later re-issued by Victory Records, and live tapes by MEGA CITY FOUR and NO MEANS NO.  In fall 2009 F.O.A.D. Records started a series of vinyl releases mostly dedicated to re-issues of the bands that we used to enjoy back in the real Thrash/Hardcore days and that were interviewed in the old F.O.A.D. ‘zines. NECRODEATH, GHOSTRIDER, JESTER BEAST, SCHIZO, RATOS DE PORAO, S.O.D., RAW POWER, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER and the list will keep growing!!