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• V/A - Pretext For Bumrush : Hip-Hop Compilation 2CD

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2xCD with outer slipcase and jewelcase packaging!

Hip-hop compilation with 29 tracks by beatmakers and MCs that have been interacting with each other over the years ever since the Indonesian hip-hop community network established. Also included in this 2xCD package is a 100 pages booklet filled with lyrical sheets, credits and forewords.

4 instrumental cuts and 25 rap tracks holding it down deviant rhymes, ranging from total bragado, to nerdy raps, to ultra-political bars and everything else in between, this comp represents one of many faces of Indonesian hip hop today. Involving emcees from two different eras, from the new slugs like Joe Million, Insthinc, Krowbar and Rand Slam to previous local hip hop icons like Eyefeelsix, D.P.M.B., Blakumuh, and (the new version of Homicide), Bars of Death. Cemented the boombap aesthetic as the foundation, the tracks vary in sounds. From hazy and blunted sounds, to up-tempo early 90s breaks, dark avant and classic soulful and jazzy tracks, this comp defies all precedents to reaffirm each position at the forefront of Indonesian hip hop landscape. This is hip hop marked with red letters, and marks the new renaissance era of Indonesian hip hop.


CD 01
01. Joe Million – Ultimatum
02. Altarlogika – Ayat Ayat Api
03. Pangalo – Menghidupi Hidup Sepenuhnya
04. Don Wilco – Verbal Manifesto
05. Dangerdope – Sayap Kiri
06. JuTa – Pengamen Internet
07. Alfabeta – Rekata
08. Eyefeelsix – Sterilisasi Butatuli
09. Cielduke – Rockstar Broklat
10. Dzulfahmi – On and On
11. Kausarima – Interlude
12. Jere – Spit
13. Blakumuh – Demolisi Diksi
14. Insthinc – Micabre
15. Krowbar – Sabda Raja Dosa

CD 02
16. Madness On Tha Block – Massive And Dangerous
17. Anonymous Alliance – Gugusan Bintang
18. Leevil – Agresi
19. Infrastruktur Katastropi – Senandung Cinta Teruntuk Tiran
20. Maverick – Memar
21. Maderodog – Kafir Untuk Pemula
22. D.P.M.B – Rockin It Rough
23. Catapults – Pekik Tengik
24. Senartogok – Dalli Nestra
25. Super Flava – Arus Waktu
26. Densky9 – Seba Quest
27. Bars Of Death – Radio Raheem
28. Rappinflat – Sekali
29. Rand Slam – Def Bloc Anthem