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• Rothadas "Demo" Cassette

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Me Saco Un Ojo

Here I review the debut demo from Rothadás, promising to be some slimy and fetid Death Metal, set for release via Me Saco Un Ojo Records. Rothadás from Hungary do an excellent job of making their brand of reeking Death Metal ichor surprisingly haunting among such primal assaults, blending Finnish style slimy atmospherics with American monolithic stomps and sprinkled with spectral Doom influences, certainly a unique and interesting listen. While absolutely vile with their menacing take on the mentioned variety of Death Metal, the clarity of their sound is so hauntingly clear and precise with a marvellous production style for the music. Every bar that is spewed from the band has a dense foreboding vibe to it that is utterly crushing, especially when coupled with the devastating array of tempos and high-octane riffing. If Sentenced, Krypts, Hooded Menace and Bolt Thrower had some kind of mutant offspring, this would be the result. - review from