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• Ken Mode "Entrenched" CD

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"1984 was a great year. We played all over and all the time. We had the fiercest attitude on earth. We had been in the practice place for months. Our first record in a couple years, the My War album was out and we wanted to kill everyone. The shows were great. Kill Everyone Now was the agenda. KEN mode all the time" Henry Rollins, Get in the Van

Metallic, post-hardcore outfit KEN MODE up the intensity with their new album Entrench. Produced by the band and Matt Bayles (MASTODON, ISIS, PEARL JAM, THE SWORD), Entrench is an unhealthy dose of modern hardcore severity that honors the band's noisier roots while being their most creative and sonically diverse album yet. Epic ragers like "Counter Culture Complex" and "The Promises of God" sit comfortably alongside the brooding "Romeo Must Never Know" and low-end, gut-punch of "No; I'm in Control". A gripping journey from start-to-finish, Entrench is KEN MODE's master work, and nothing short of a future classic.