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• Crow “Who Killed Dove!” 7”

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Prank Records

New 2022 pressing! Crow "Who Killed Dove?"  was originally issued in Japan on the band's own Crow Records in 1985 and was the Osaka band's first release. Four raw blasts with the rumbling immediacy of classic early UK hardcore delivered with some of the inventive craftsmanship that would come to define Japanese hardcore.  Searing guitar drops, walloping bass, crashing cymbals and scowling harsh vocals, The title track is one of the band's signature Anthems and this Landmark EP is one of those defining cornerstones of 1980's Japanese hardcore. This is the first official repress since the EP's original release . Remastered in 2020 by Anne-Marie Suenram in Berkeley,  Comes packaged in an exact replica of the original fold out poster sleeve with a die cut sticker.

Track Listing:
1. Crow
2. Good-Bye Song
3. Last Chaos
4. Who Killed Dove?