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• Nofx "Wolves in Wolves Clothing" LP

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Fat Wreck Records

The release of the "Never Trust A Hippy" EP, and 2005's NOFX 7" Of The Month Club offered just a sampling of the impending eighteen tracks that are "Wolves In Wolves' Clothing." After garnering major political press (Newsweek, CNN, NY Times, etc.) with the 2003 release of "The War On Errorism" and their involvement with Punk Voter, NOFX take a seemingly less political approach with "Wolves In Wolves' Clothing." Seemingly but not actually, as the album is filled with songs that will make you think, alongside songs that go good with drink! NOFX forge new territory on the punk rock landscape with offerings like the dub/post-punk/beatles-inspired "The Marxist Brothers," and the new wave-inspired "Getting High On The Down Low." With the release of their 11th studio full length, it's clear that NOFX are not just a mainstay, but a frontrunner in the world of independent music.

Track Listing:

1. 60%
2. USA-holes
3. Seeing Double At The Triple Rock
4. We March To The Beat Of Indifferent Drum
5. The Marxist Brothers
6. The Man I Killed
7. Benny Got Blowed Up
8. Leaving Jesusland
9. Getting High On the Down Low
10. Cool and Unusual Punishment
11. Wolves In Wolves
12. Cantado En Espanol
13. 100 Times Fuckeder
14. Instant Crassic
15. You Will Lose Faith
16. One Celled Creature
17. Doornails
18. 60% (Reprise)