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• Necrony "Pathological Performances" CD

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Bitter Loss

Back in 1993, death metal was still in its heyday. Bands were popping up all around the globe. If you blinked, you might have missed out on some true masterpieces. Or if you were like me, and were still playing with Tonka Trucks in the sandbox in ‘93, you didn’t get into death metal until nearly a decade later. Thanks to the Internet, however, one can find redemption and discover albums that they would have never heard otherwise. As a 16-year-old, who became obsessed with early Carcass, I was always looking for more bands that were of the same pathologically-grinding ilk. One of my discoveries hit a nerve like no other: the 1993 debut album “Pathological Performances” by Swedish death-grind act Necrony.

Catchy, crunchy death metal riffage interposed with brutal grinding noise, pitch-shifted gutturals, and jazzy-lead guitars, all with a production-quality that is unmatched (thanks to producer Dan Swano), this lone record from Necrony absolutely floored me when I first heard it. It continues to amaze me to this day. Well over a decade later, I do not tire of it, and nearly 30 years since its release, it still sounds fresh! It is truly an underrated and timeless masterpiece. The band disbanded shortly after this release and the members went on to form grindcore legends Nasum. The band has revamped the original CD artwork and layout for the cassette format. The members also have curated an alternate track listing specifically for this release. However, the mix and master has been untouched. (Why fuck with what Dan Swano did back in ‘93?)