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• Mutation "Malignant Existence" Cassette

RM 28.00

Necrolaty Records

White Shell Cassette

Necrolatry Records is honored to be granted the opportunity to re-release a proper gem in our very own South East Asian Death Metal scene from the early 90s. MUTATION is widely regarded as the first "modern" Death Metal band from Singapore. Formed by Roy Yeo (vox), Leng Hiang(guitar/bass) and Ayong (drums), MUTATION released their first demo "Malignant Existence" tape in 1991. To those who find pleasure in reading microscopic thank list from the early 90s, you will find honorable mentions of MUTATION in classics such as the first SENTENCED full-length, the first BELIAL mcd, the first SEANCE full-length as well as the first AT THE GATES MLP and full-length. Also added as a bonus is the extremely rare rehearsal from 1992 featuring 2 new tracks.

Members have gone on to form the legendary Pulverised Records, with Roy mainly behind the career-launching releases of many Swedish Black/Death bands (Amon Amarth, Thy Primordial, Tribulation, Morbus Chron etc...) Ayong has gone on to drum in the iconic IMPIETY "Skullfucking Armageddon" which of course needs no introduction.

Necrolatry Records will release "Malignant Existence" tape in 200 copies, with restoration of the Hermann Seet artwork. Also included is a rework of the MUTATION logo done by Mika Rotten (REPUTDEATH, Ugly Inks)