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• Ross Lomas "City Baby: Surviving In Leather, Bristles, Studs, Punk Rock, And G.B.H." Book

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Heavily illustrated 304-page
High quality paperback. 

This is a story about living without a safety net and getting away with it. Teenage punk rock milkman Ross Lomas strapped on a bass and joined G.B.H onstage in 1981. Leading the charge of U.K. hardcore punk, G.B.H lit up British pubs, European squats, and American highways with a wall of sound and mile-high spikes. Living by his own rules, for better or for worse, Ross Lomas riots with violent skinheads, metal hippies, rip-off managers, Neil Sedaka, and the Argentine cavalry, and tries to make sense of adulthood. Ross and his G.B.H family don t escape unscathed, but they never surrender.