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• Kias Fansuri "2 Tahun Pertama" LP

RM 150.00

Dogknight Productions

Available in Clear Vinyl w/ Forest Blizzard Multi-Splatter.

From Dogknight :

Screamo ‘skramz’ emoviolence legends Kias Fansuri (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) were active from 2006 - 2010—putting out a demo and releasing some incredible songs on a bunch of splits and comps. ’Dua Tahun Pertama’ was originally released on CD back in 2009, which was a collection of all of their recorded material, excluding the ‘Connections Part 2’ 6-way split which was released a year later (MOC - 2010).
As I was talking regularly with Arwith (Utarid, Piri Reis etc.) carefully planning my SE Asia vacation for October/November; to finally see and hang out with so many bands that I’ve worked/spoken online with for years—I realised how absurd it was that Dua Tahun Pertama didn’t exist on vinyl. So here we go, Dog Knights Productions couldn’t be prouder to finally make this a reality by releasing a complete discography version for Kias Fansuri on 24th November, 2023. We also helped Utarid Tapes with the 200x cassette edition which sold out right away in Malaysia earlier this month, but we’ll have a handful for overseas when the vinyl edition launches. Keep an eye out for the usual reveals in the coming weeks. You won’t want to miss this one, we really went all-out with the flashy/limited variants. Thanks again to Arwith, Ariff and all the new friends from Malaysia & Singapore I’ve made since being out here. It really feels like I’ve been given a new lease of life and I couldn’t be happier. Once again, music (screamo) and friends have saved me.