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• Deiquisitor "Humanoid" Cassette

RM 40.00

Extremely Rotten Productions

 ‘Humanoid’ is short but not mercifully so, a blast furnace of hypnotic old school brutal death metal style which insists upon an urgently fed textural swarm of inhumane acts within a riff-obssessed format. That is to say that Deiquisitor are very much in keeping with the greater history of early-to-mid 90’s brutality in their region such as Exmortem‘s classic ‘Labyrinths of Horror’ and certain works by Panzerchrist but it’d be more accurate to compare their sound to that of albums like Drawn and Quartered‘s ‘Extermination Revelry’ and Dead Congregation‘s ‘Graves of the Archangels’ where brutality and swarms of fleet-fingered chord modulation makes for an eerily shifting angular take on an (early) Deeds of Flesh-esque vacuum of riff and roar. - Review from