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• Verminator "Fatal Devastation" CD

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This power trio Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia has been around for about three years and instead of recording several demos, EPs, or splits before getting snapped by some label, these Metal brothers decided to compose enough songs for their debut full-length album and release it on their own.

Verminator's relentless Thrash could be described as a stripped-down way of playing Thrash Metal. Put early Sodom and early Kreator together and then add a pinch of early Hirax along with some early Sepultura into their boiling cauldron and you get a pretty good clue as to how these Malaysian thrashers want to hammer and mangle your eardrums. They keep the energy levels constantly high, thrashing their hearts out. Ajim on bass and vocals reminds me of a mixture of Katon W. De Pena (Hirax) and Steve Hatton (Xyster) with his marvelously nasal and rough vocal performance, which fits the band's straightforward and raw thrash.