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· Red Red Krovvy "2007 - 2016 Compilation" Cassette

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Red Red Krovvy are an East Coast band comprising members originally from the regional and sunburnt city of Cairns but now situated across the metro of Sydney and Melbourne (A move that seemingly would not facilitate the productivity of the band, but, yet, here we are).
Red Red Krovvy are kind of raw and primal, but without falling into the trap of sounding too much like any one particular era or band that they sound overly retro. They sound so straightforwardly punk that there's really not another word you need to attach to it. The riffs are really simple and straightforward, but it's just mega catchy and mean.
This is a compilation cassette of what they had done from the beginning of 2007 till 2016. Include the demo track, first self titled 7", II 7" and a Paradise Daily comp that include their Live set and rehearsal recording.