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• Suri "Waham" 3CD

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Suri was founded in 2008, and since 2010 consists of Rito Sini (vocal / guitar), Gandung (bass) & D-Rexx (drums). They play desert rock, all that goes from Kyuss to Nola Eyehategod, Sleep to Hell's Angels. The debut of the full album Mothology was released in 2012. Suri released more mini albums, Waham (2018) became the sixth EP after the Story of Love Localization (2010), Nestapa Desert (2010), Suri / Sigmun / Jelaga Three-Way Split (2012) , Tiga.Puluh (2014), Spacerider (2014).

'Waham', the title series ‘Three-EP’ (read: trippy) by Suri also means delusion in the psychological book. It is a psychotic state in which the human brain thinks upside down from the reality, obeying positive schizophrenic hoaxes with annoying human syndromes such as stone heads and permanent ones.

Trippy took four years of serious work. There are a total of 9 songs in 3 sub-mental sections; Delusional - Confabulation - Paraphrenia. Each of the three deliberately designed to adjust the preferences of each of the three Suri members, one person gets one title. This idea arose in order to put an end to the tide of the creative ego that always happened, bassist Gandung said, "Trippy is a form of our compromise to this band. All can have a fair share, each capable of representing themselves. "

Which ultimately, of course widened the reach of their music. Trippy contains a lot of hard solution, sludgey-bluesy and dusty barren cactus fields run over by the giant pedal foot of the D-Rexx dramer. Dirty riffs of big motorists storm the vaginal labyrinth image. Flooded in a delightful delusional silence - the atmosphere of the piano is in the hands of the beloved Dylan Carlson. Swim and slowly propagate, like a penis shaft. With such a compromise Trippy looks like a complete stop for stoned-rockers. Illustrator Riza Prawiro who worked on the cover while translating Trippy's imagery into a pictorial monologue story.

This 3xCD come with various art prints, thank/credit notes and art booklet.