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• The Sugar Spun “A Thousand Tiny Thoughts” Cassette

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Orange Cliff Records

Available in Blue Shell Tint Jacket

To kickstart the months leading to its release, the band released two new singles ‘Sugarsnap’ and ‘Can’t You See, Mama’ last Friday (August 20) via Orange Cliff Records on streaming platforms.

At the centre of ‘Sugarsnap’ is a supersized arena-rock hook, with a commanding guitar lead intertwined with dreamy synths and propulsive drum work. ‘Can’t You See, Mama’ follows a similar vein, setting a confident start to the band’s renewed run ahead.

The Sugar Spun was formed in 2018 as a three-piece: Fathir (vocals/guitar), Rashief (drums), and Gilang Dhafir (bass/synths). The band’s members met during college and began performing covers before working on original material.

3 minutes, 14 seconds of 3 minutes, 52 seconds
In 2019, The Sugar Spun issued their five-track debut EP, ‘All the Tracks Based On My Feelings and This Is What It Looks Like’. Since then, the band have issued three singles: ‘Trapped In The Ice’, ‘Ocean Tides’, ‘Adegan Ranjang 1981-1982’.