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• Necrosemen "And All Shall Be Smitten By Fyre" LP

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2013 Sweden Pressing (YOTZ#106)

A one-sided 12"EP offering 3 tracks of pure Black/Death. This entity took form in Switzerland in the summer of 2012. Worth checking out for those who salivate for material along the lines of TEITANBLOOD, WRATHPRAYER, BEHERIT, BLASPHEMY...or even NECROS CHRISTOS. An official bio for the band reads as thus: "Necrosemen is a nefarious entity born during August MMXII in Switzerland as a one-man band. In March MMXIII, the first opus, And All Shall Be Smitten By Fyre, was released through Blood Harvest Records, compound of three tracks of old-school and cold black/death metal. Since the end of MMXIII, NCRSMN has evolved to the band it is now: a five-actors entity vomiting sonic waves of Death. This coven performed its first rite in Olten, Switzerland with Mystifier the 30th of May MMXIV."