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KROWBAR have a past that he wanted to forget; been a punk. In late 90's/early 2000's, he carried out duty as the vocalist for the Bandung influential thrashcore band, ANJING TANAH, which the darkness of that period of which he refused to talk and share about. And over the past decade, he been stirring with rap lyrics and being more intense in the past 3 years.

Few demo tapes been put out, resulting in the completion of Swagton Nirojim in 2017. 12 rap songs with stylistic rhyming, full of technics without being so technical, witty without being graduation seminar nerds, sarcastically flirting with the local cultural ala Spazz. Recorded in Cutz Chamber, Bandung, the beats are by Jay Beathustler and Morgue Vanguard, and scratchworks by DJ Evil Cutz, fertiled with fuzz guitar and crime-funk/soul to prog-rock Moog synth, clouded with inspirations from DJ Muggs, Giallo Point and The Alchemist.