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• Osmantikos "Survival" LP/CD

RM 25.00

Avaialble in Black LP and CD format!

First full length from this hypertension crustcore, a style they defined and refined from time to time. With a solid line-ups over the years, that were and are readily to hand out their 150% commitment and passion, they toured and released EPs and split projects.

Now the 12 poisonous tracks available on 12' vinyl. All blended well together - heavy tones, sludgy sustains, catastrophic crust punk beats and riff, modern hardcore punk technicality, depressing sorrowful atmospheres, strong shaking emotional capacitates - they redrawing the fine line of crust/hardcore punk. That's Hypertension Crustcore. No pesticides could kill this hypertension, as to live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.