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• DS 13 "Umea Hardcore Forever, Forever Umea Hardcore" CD

RM 35.00

Lawless Records (Jakarta)

CD store in house O-Card. Includes 68 pages Booklet (porforation).

DS-13 is the best Umea Hardcore band in the late 90s. All the members are actively involved in the DIY scene and touring few continents of the world, and releasesing tons of good EP, Split and contribute tons of songs in Compilation releases.

This is DS 13 discography contains all their 7" releases Aborted Teen Generation 7" (Havoc Recs - 97), Split 7" with STGM (Hepatit D Recs - 98), Split with Blood of Others 7" (Organic Recs - 98), For the Kids, Not the Business 7" (Deranged - 98), Thrash and Burn 6" (Enslave recs - 2000), split 7" with Code 13 (Havoc - 2000) + comp tracks. 66 songs with 68 pages booklet.

Limited to 300 copies. What are waiting for?