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• Oledickfoggy "Zanya No Teisen / 残夜の汀線" CD

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Dwiphalanx Records

This is all we need for this year. Despite all the hard & challenge that came occur, we are saluting all the warrirors that keep crafting and making good musics thus good albums to be share. OLEDICKFOGGY is still and will always be our no.1 J-Rock band (they are indeed a Punk Rock band at its best). And Zanya No Teisen is their new album released in 2023, Marking 2 years after the whole pandemic happens and shape the human perception in lotsa different things including musical appreciation.

Oledickfoggy bring a hope, and this album will bring more excitement for Punk Rock music fandom/enthusiast. 11 songs in 43 minutes is a perfect length for a full album. Well, if you never bought any releases from Dwiphalanx Records, then there's nothing to worry about because Dwiphalanx served the best in their expertise. All CDs stored in slick Made-In-Japan jewel case. Printing and pressing is exclusively done and made in Japan as well. Get this CD before they are gone! This album is really hard to be miss!

Tracks :
01 消えて行く前に
02 夜光虫
03 満月とポイズン
04 少し飲んで帰ろう
06 残夜の汀線
07 ゆらゆら
08 さよならセニョリータ
09 また今日が終わる
10 エンドロール
11 デリバリーヘルスウィング