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• V/A - Food Not Bombs KL "Do It Together" Compilation CD

RM 40.00

Food Not Bombs Kuala Lumpur Collective

This is a benefit Compilation for Food Not Bombs Kuala Lumpur
This beautiful boxset come with :
• Compilation CD (Store in thick cardboard jacket)

- Features all unreleased songs by 14 local bands
- Mastered by Mikey Young of Total Control.
• 20 pages staple bind booklet. 

• Huge Poster : 10" x 16"
• 2 Postcard (Silkscreen on special Paper)
• Secret Gift (And hope you like it!) . 


A note from Food Not Bombs Kuala Lumpur on this project  :

At this stage, who would care to ask and answer if the coronavirus was man-made or zoonotically transmitted? The what and the why is no longer the question. Truths are blurry. We have been in this situation for almost two years with very little sign of recovery and remedy, our time (and freedom) have been robbed and tampered with by the man and its manifestation of control.

During the last two years, we at FNB-KL have been up and about with our free vegan meal program every Sunday, despite the order by the city authority not to engage with the people living on the street. We do what we do best irrespective of what the government tells us otherwise. We are talking about 20 years of camaraderie between Food Not Bombs and the destitute, something we don't take lightly. We’re just not that fancy with rules and imposing diktat – we the people will always be at the forefront of resistance against the ruling elites.

Today, in the backdrop of class struggle, we decided enough is enough. We have been planning this since early 2020, and now it’s time to reveal to you our latest weapon of mass communication - a musical compilation that we have been talking about for a while. This time, it will not get disrupted by political decisions, but by our common interest to make the world a better place. The selling of our up-cycle t-shirts, your donations and solidarity amongst the soundsmiths have brought us to this point of no return.

Come September, you can own a copy of our Do It Together – A Benefit for Food Not Bombs Kuala Lumpur music CD, a magnus opus to restore sanity. Here’s the brief introduction to the initiative.

We curate this CD that consists of 14 bands and musicians, 64 minutes of sound meets beat, a plethora of colours and great lines on the poster and postcards, and a price you can afford. We could not have done this without your support and genuine interest in making our art and music scene merrier. To you we admire and graced by.

We are now open for pre-order at the price of RM35 excluding postage fee (prices vary as per destination). We will also have the CD in store at Tandang Record Store when the printing house is open soon. Retail price is RM40. We are aiming at selling a thousand copies, to afford us the monetary strength to establish our own autonomous space in downtown KL to run programs more independently and to provide the community a venue to express opinions.

We are considering the digital options for this musical compilation when the time comes. But for now, your CD player needs a clean-up, and the speaker needs the bass and treble fine tuning. 

Less talk, more rock!

Tracklist :

1. Flica "Presence" - 4:10 
2. Buddha Beat "Sarvada" - 3:04 
3. Think!Tadpole!Think! "Keliwon" - 4:10 
4. Terang Bulan "Lahan" - 6:17 
5. Orangplanet "Obscura" - 3:03 
6. Sister Ray "Full of Hope" - 5:48 
7. Ix Chel "And the rest is History" - 3:05 
8. Virginia On Duty "Fresh Start" - 2:50 
9. Kamal Sabran "The True Traveller Never Arrives" - 2:54 
10. GORB "Ruang Buntu" - 4:01 
11. Dogfightt "Two-Stroke Madness" - 4:10 
12. Synkkyys "Dunia Ketiga" - 2:03 
13. Elmu Hisab "Crack ACT (A Cotrite Tune) - 6:16 
14. Satyagraha "Yatra" - 10:29 

Total 62 : 28