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• Buddha Beat "Eclipse" CD

RM 32.00

Soundscape Records

Buddha Beat is a duo from Penang, delivering a new form of music that proves to be a beautiful mix of contradictions. Cole Yew (Cheong) and Krishna each bring in their unique voice and flavor to the project. They mix Eastern and Western influences, traditional and cutting edge, happy and melancholic to produce a new form of modern Spiritual Music.

Cole and Krishna both worked a “feel” that can only be described as perfectly encapsulating the pains and joys of the average Penang-ite into their music. Witnessing the promise of utopia falling apart before their very eyes, Buddha Beat would like to provide that calming sense of reassurance to their listeners. Both Cole and Krishna experienced a strong influence of Eastern Spirituality, and they would like to provide a subtle suggestion that perhaps the way forward may not be outward, but inwards. Along with a reminder to stop, take a breather and appreciate the beauty, even in these dark times.