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Casual Tote Bag with a clip-on button
16.5" [L] x 13.5" [D] x 1" [W] with 15" sling

Surviving 17 years in the underground music scene in Indonesia is not an easy matter, so it is fitting that one of the Jakartal's most venomous grindcore units, DEAD VERTICAL released a celebratory album of their careers that turned eighteen in November. A music group driven by Boy, Bonz, and Arya has remained stay trve to grind the souls and body of the guerrillas throughout the country with capital repertoire from their flashy discography, never get swayed away with the music trends favored by young people who come and die. DEAD VERTICAL remained faithful in its tracks broadcasting speeding music without further ado inspired by their seniors on continents overseas such as TERRORIZER, NAPALM DEATH, NASUM and MISERY INDEX.

In collaboration with BlackAndje Records, DEAD VERTICAL spewed seventeen violent tracks (plus one hidden track) that took all the elements they wrote since the Fenomena Akhir Zaman (2001) and summarized them into songs that will smash in your face, that can burn your sound system altogether, 'XVII' is arguably the semi back to the roots album for DEAD VERTICAL, returning back to the composition of the Infecting The World style poll, it does not mean they have forgotten the development of their musical dictionary over the past decade.

Official merch for Dead Vertical, the "infecting the world" grindcore bombardier. Front and back plastisol print on black color cotton canvas.

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