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• Pre-Order : Morgue Vanguard X Doyz "Demi Masa" CD

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Demi Masa is a collaboration album by two of the most influential MCs in Indonesia. With two different style and character, these two MCs hand in hand exchanging nihilist, personal and political rhymes with the help of Iwa K, Mr.EP (Blakumuh), Sarkasz (Bars of Death) and Rand Slam, also epic contribution by spartan turntablism of DJ Evil Cutz.

Morgue Vanguard started out from Bandung together with HOMICIDE, thrived gloriously in the independent scene with classic albums before ending the legacy a decade ago.

In the other hand, Doyz took off from the duo group, BLAKUMUH, a part of the Pesta Rap compilation, teamed up with P-Squad and then released solo album shaking the local hip-hop, theoratically and lyrically, in the early 2000's.