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• PMS 84 "Easy Way Out" Cassette

RM 18.00

Pissed Off Records

Cassette format come with O box with stamping logo

First LP from this Portland UK82 heroes! After some demo/7"s they come back with new material ready for their european tour in April. 8 songs wich consist in 6 new killer tracks and 2 songs re-recorded (ZERO TOLERANCE from the 2014 demo and GUILLOTINE from the 2016 demo). With the change on vocals, now with Jesse (Koward) on them all the sound took more aggresive sense. Taking the base on the hardcore and OI! spirit infused UK82 punk with strong bass lines but adding this elements, this band will blow your mind. Intense and direct melodies that will make you travel back to 82´, wear your stoomping boots and go to get back the streets.