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• JJ and the A's "Eyeballer" 7"

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La Vida Es Un Mus

JJ And the A’s offer up their second release with four new songs to work their way into your earholes. Not lost on this recording is the band’s hardcore delivery mixed with KBD undercurrents from the first EP. They have added a hint of melody in these songs which harkens back to early SoCal punk à la T.S.O.L., Adolescents, and Red Cross. Through the wash of sound the organ soaked in fuzz makes me think they could have been listening to Electric Prunes or Oblivions sloshing around in some drunken party thinking up riffs. The soulful vocals are modern in the delivery, but also reminiscent of garage favorites Detroit Cobras in depth and character. The end result is a mashup of punk, garage, and underlying hardcore that is electrifying, raucous, and instantly enjoyable.