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• Triump "Retaliation Warfare" LP/CD

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Inhuman Assault

Hailing from Reno, Nevada, Triumph is a lone-wolf abomination evoked by Immolater (Ritual Genocide, Ancient Malignity, Blasphemous Creation) in 2019. The band's debut album, Edict of Iron Ascendancy, was released by Inhuman Assault on CD and tape t the end of 2020.

Lyrically, Triumph represents the total annihilation of weakness and the conquering of one’s self, hence the band name. Other lyrical subjects are hate, war, disgust, death, honor, chaos, destruction, genocide, and supremacy.

Triumph came into existence right before the global Covid pandemic hit. Immolater has been involved with many different projects over the past decade and has been performing live/ releasing music consistently throughout those years. After dealing with lots of hardships and obstacles with band members, he decided that doing a solo band was the right direction to go. It was time for something new & relentless. He felt a great impulse for total control of the music; thus, Triumph was born.

Both war march and war machine - a war "marchine," perhaps? - Triumph's second full-length assault is merciless and mesmerizing in its single-minded focus. Scything and slashing, pulsing and primitive, and uniquely locating the elusive balance between all-consuming chaos and martial order, not for nothing is this new record titled Retaliation Warfare. Immolater's ultraviolence spreads in all directions, sparing no one and nothing, these waves of wild black/death barbarity cresting and then crushing the listener. Maniacs for Canada's Revenge, Black Witchery, and Spain's Proclamation will be pleased; all others will cower in fear. Prepare for Retaliation Warfare!