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• Superchunk "No Pocky for Kitty (remastered)" LP

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Merge Recods

Black Vinyl

Superchunk’s sophomore effort put the Chapel Hill kids on the map with huge guitars and perennial faves like “Skip Steps 1& 3.” Produced by Steve Albini, No Pocky for Kitty is still a fan favorite. The vinyl reissue is on 180 gm vinyl and includes a coupon for an MP3 download of the entire album. Both CD and LP reissues include downloadable bonus tracks previously unavailable.

SUPERCHUNK is Laura on bass guitar, Chuck on the drums, Jim playing the guitar, and Mac singing and playing the other guitar. They wrote all the songs on the record. NO POCKY FOR KITTY was recorded at the Chicago Recording Company April 21-23, 1991. Produced with eyes closed by Laura, who sat in the right chair.

Sleeve by Merge, woodcut Mac, photos Lexi, Jennifer, Kristin, Mac. Thanks to Barefoot Press.