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• Hirax "Blasted in Bangkok" 10"

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Deep Six Recods

Some think that Hirax simply disintegrated during the aftermath of Hate, Fear & Power to become another short saga of an '80s band likely rife with dejection and finalized by tragedy. True or untrue, to be or not to be, yet in the end nailing shut the coffin on Hirax’s full-length album life course in the ‘80s. Squeaking out from the last air passage is ‘87’s three-song Blasted in Bangkok demo and a hard-to-find same-named 7” on unknown Lautrec Records that carves off a song but fattens up with a new-found title cut. A 2001 reissue via Deep Six (that I have in front of me) drops the title cut but adds three more. A little ass-backward and confusing, but who cares?

Tracklist :

A1.    Fear The War Within

A2.    The Beginning Of The End

B1.    Dying World (Shock)

B2.    Bombs Of Death (Original Version)