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• Pre-Order : Golpe " La Colpa É Solo Tua" LP

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Sorry State Records

Pre-Order before 9th June 2022

Just as predicted in my review of the GOLPE’s Promo 2020 cassette, this album fucking kicks ass. Tadzio Pederzolli from KOMPLOTT and SEMPRE PEGGIO managed to keep expectations high and deliver an amazingly fresh D-beat-infused hardcore record. It’s great to see punk bands that use their political views as weapons against ignorance and prejudice, as not many bands these days talk openly about their beliefs. Just head on over to his Bandcamp and grab a shirt, with proceeds going to Brigate Volontarie. Everything about this record screams activism and solidarity. This is what punk is supposed to be. Review from MaximumrockNroll

All copies come with a 2-sided, 24"x36" poster and English and Italian lyric inserts.