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• Jason Ranti "Akibat Pergaulan Blues" CD

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Brilliant, witty and talented folk singer from Indonesia. This is his debut album. With song like "Suci Maksimal" dan "Bahaya Komunis", this persona have making something extraordinary and dangerous compare to the others contemporary artists that emerge in the Indonesia Scene.

Iwan Fals will be the major influence but the style and the flow of the whole album is always Jason Ranti.
This is something that we always looking forward for having some mere entertainment not just in the fashion and the sound but deep down in-depth of it, the real message. After Erik Peterson, Frankie Stubb, and Nick Drake, this is our fave man delivering a true and honest music.

Well, the music are all top notch, nothing compare and be the surely will be the influencer among the new folk artists that always arise like mushroom in the land of Indonesia.
100% recommended!