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• Zulhezan —oleh Esei Asas (sa-buah) Rekod Kĕbangsaan CD

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Soundscape Records

2021 marked the 20th anniversary of Soundscape Records. To celebrate the milestone in style, we are excited to co-release —oleh Essei Asas (sa-buah) Rekod Kĕbangsaan by Zulhezan, with arts journal Svara.

You can stream the first single ‘Galor + Das—Ras—Bas’ on Spotify.

Known for his aesthetics in design, Zulhezan served up another distinctive album artwork for this upcoming release, enhanced with the pleasing qualities of Svara magazine, you got to read it, hear it, hold it and feel it yourself.

The CD will be hand numbered individually and will be released together with Svara issue #8 in January 2022.