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• White Shoes and the Couple Company "Vakansi" CD

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Indonesian indie band, White Shoes & the Couples Company (WSATC) released their second album, Vakansi in 2010. The songs on the WSATC's second album were made with the help of 3 senior musicians. Having 13 songs in it with the help of Om Fariz RM, Oele Pattiselano (jazz guitarist), and Riza Arshad. Apart from the three senior musicians, WSATC was also assisted by Goodnight Electric personnel and Evening personnel to work on the album.

The album 'Vakansi' was recognized by WSATC as fresher with songs such as' Walk Around', 'Zamrud Khatulistiwa', 'Senja Meninggila', 'A step Across', and 'Vakansi'.