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• Various Artits "Dollar Bill Y'All - First Decade Of Hip Hop" 2LP

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Dollar Bill Y'All - First Decade Of Hip Hop (2LP)

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In 1979, Spring Records released the first hip-hop style rap record ‘King Tim III (Personality Jock)’ by The Fatback Band. The label, initially relegated it to the B-Side, allowed the Sugarhill Gang the breakthrough rap hit with ‘Rapper’s Delight’. Over the next decade, Spring kept dipping their toes in the water, but without any great conviction or mainstream success but were always there to chart hip-hop’s development.

“Dollar Bill Y’All” focuses on all the key moments and includes personality jocks like Mr. Magic, street tough rapping, live funk bands and the birth of sampling. This compilation is a detailed compilation looking at Spring Records’ – and sub-label Posse - long and sometimes troubled relationship with hip-hop’s first decade. “Dollar Bill Y’All” shows that, despite their reservations, Spring recorded landmark records by not just King Tim III, but Jimmy Spicer, DJ Hollywood and Ice T (as part of Afrika & The Zulu Kings).

Extended sleeve notes, penned by Dean Rudland, tells the story of how the label could have been a force in the next generation of rap, possibly even signing Gang Starr, if only they had been committed: the Bally Boys single, which now sells for hundreds of pounds, was produced by Donald Dee Bowden who produced Gang Starr’s debut single ‘The Lesson’.