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• Rancid "...And Out Come the Wolves" LP

RM 148.00

Epitaph Records

Black Vinyl

"...And Out Come The Wolves" combines Dylanesque portrayals of down-and-out streetlife and personal experience with tunefully concise, dynamic songwriting to create an enduring body of work that grows better with each listen and every passing year. Styles range from the recklessly belligerent punk-rock rampage of "Maxwell Murder" (featuring a mind-numbing Matt Freeman bass solo), to the masterful pop craftsmanship of "Ruby Soho," and the fully realized punk/ska hybrid of "Time Bomb" (a sound that Armstrong and Freeman pioneered in their first band Operation Ivy). Produced by Jerry Finn and mixed by Andy Wallace, this record is deservedly among the most influential and successful of its time. CD version includes two additional tracks.