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• Pre-Order : Spectral Wound "A Diabolic Thirst" LP

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Montreal, QC black metal band Spectral Wound play virulent, searing, primal towering melancholic black metal. With their new album A Diabolic Thirst, which follows 2018’s Infernal Decadence, the band take their own methodology of Quebecois black metal through vicious sonic layers that culminate in six triumphant, ferocious hymns, resplendent with blood freezing melodies and harsh-yet-massive overtones that bring a decadent and euphoric flow to this glorious masterwork the band have conjured. Another black metal triumph emanating from Canadian soil, one exposing once again the richness of Quebec’s unparalled black metal scene, A Diabolic Thirst not only captures that pure classic melodic black metal essence that was eminent in the late ’90s / very early ’00s, but also serves its purpose as a present day release of glorious blackened magnitude.

• Montreal, QC black metal band deliver one of the most triumphant and vitriolic melodic black metal albums of the year
• Harnesses the true essence of the melodic black metal movement of the late ‘90s (i.e. the era when the most glorious black metal of this nature was released)
• For fans of Dissection, Sacramentum, Dawn, early Naglfar, ‘90s era No Fashion Records black metal, Uada, Ash Borer, and Wolves In The Throne Room