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• Military Shadow "Metal Punk Ironfist" LP

RM 108.00

FOAD Records

Available on Black Vinyl!

Official reissue of their hard to find debut full length released years ago as a ltd. CD and tape, now for the first time on vinyl! This special F.O.A.D. version includes a great sounding re-recording (2022) of the entire album with better studio production and improved technical skills + on B-side the original session from 2018 specially remastered for vinyl for the fiercest sonic impact.

Incendiary Metal/Punk from one of the best revelations in the genre of the last decade, combining the most intriguing elements from the Japanese metallic hardcore tradition (GISM, Zouo, The Sexual, Parasite) with a massive 80's Speed Metal vibe!

This is MILITARY SHADOW's third vinyl release on F.O.A.D. following the highly acclaimed "Blood for freedom" LP and "Violent reign" EP!!

LP with OBI strip and foldout insert