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• Pre-Order : Magnitude “Of Days Renewed…” LP/CD

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Triple B records

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Release date : 15th Sept 2023

Available in :

1. REV-HQ exclusive yellow vinyl (out of 250)
2. Clear Purple w/ Neon Orange Splatter (out of 700)
3. Black / Bone Aside Bside w/ Neon Violet & Neon Orange Splatter (out of 400)
4. CD format

Coming back with their first new material in four years, North Carolina's Magnitude is feeling a new energy, so it's only fitting that "Of Days Renewed..." titles their sophomore album. Set for release through Triple-B Records, the straight-edge band has crafted eight passionate hardcore songs aimed for the listener to immerse in the lyrical content as much as moving in the pit. The words themselves address everything from confronting your fears to staying true to yourself, animal rights and environmentalism, and the mental toll of the Information Age.