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• Pre-Order : Isis Aquarian "Family: The Source Family" Scrapbook

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Sacred Bones

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Pages : 220 pages
Size : 11" x 12" 
Book : Hardbound
Weight : 2KG

FAMILY: THE SOURCE FAMILY SCRAPBOOK provides an intimate view into the world of California’s legendary utopian community, The Source Family. This immersive document is a facsimile of original scrapbooks assembled by Source Family member and historian Isis Aquarian between 1972-1977. Vivid life-size reproductions are presented here as they were originally laid onto the page, edited only for flow. These richly textured documents illuminate the group’s public adventures and private world through hundreds of never-before-seen photographs, newspaper clippings, letters, manifestos, and flyers, mapping an intimate, epic history of the group’s incandescent rise and eventual unraveling. Includes extensive captions by the authors and an essay by Jodi Wille.

Copious unpublished photographs, newspaper clippings, letters, manifestos, album art and flyers, augmented by descriptive captions, reveal the Source Family’s astonishing trajectory, from controversial leader Father Yod’s spiritual awakening to the group’s wild musical and social experimentations, to the provocations that led to the group’s paradise lost. These pages provide a revelatory, firsthand view into the widely misunderstood phenomenon of new religious movements and cults of the 1960s and 70s.

This book is a beautiful 200pg full color, cloth bound, and embossed 11"x12" hardcover coffee table book.