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• ELISA CINDY - China Town Affair ZINE

RM 45.00

148mm x 210mm
3 colors risograph printed on kishu paper
32 pages bonus map insertion

Welcome to the biggest cultural affair in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Aside from being a staple shopping destination, Chinatown also has a deep history and culture, particularly of the Chinese community in Malaysia. There has always been a clash of of unique culture and language variety, a result of many years of cultural mix and heritage. These traits make Chinatown a must see place for tourists and locals alike in experiencing the colourful and bustling scene. Popular for its bargain hunter’s paradise, from Chinese herbs to imitation goods, lively and vibrant night market, filled with hundreds of stalls offering food, drinks and unfamiliar stuffs.

First edition of The Chinatown series, an independent travel guide covering Kuala Lumpur as its first destination. The zine highlights and reintroduces places and aspects of Chinatown that are often missed by people.