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• Pre-order : Diakron "Spectre At The Feast" 2LP

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Phobia/Halvfabrikat Records

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Diakron is a band that grew out of a recording made by Andreas (ex-Counterblast, Hexgrafv), Palle and Jocke, also the former members of Counterblast and active in Sanctum and Pale. The idea was from the beginning to record some song ideas left after Counterblast closed in 2017.

Once started, the song list was filled with new compositions and now, there are eleven of them. In terms of genre, we probably end up somewhere in punk / sludge / doom metal.


Review from Skrutt Magazine!

As I understand it, there are members from Counterblast in this group... so I'm hoping for heavy music... After an introductory piano, we are stralled against the wall. Listen or die! Heavy slow crust or whatever to call it is pushed out of the loud speakers and I fell so happy in all the hard stuff. 10 English titles plus a Swedish ditto : Draksadd. I'm thinking a little bit about Counterblast of course but also about a group like Amebix for example and it's mostly because you get a picture of what it sounds like and see if you want to buy the record! After listening, there should be no doubt whether or not to buy Diakron is a misconduct by every crustfan. We in Sweden are very good at many styles of music but this type of hardcore we are world champions in and Diakron is right now on top of it. It doenst go so fast, but here they have invested more in heavy and slightly slower songs. It certainly plagues some but for me the whole album feels like a wonderful experience.