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• Pre-Order : Deafheaven "Infinite Granite" 2LP

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Sargent House

Available in Double LP (Black)
Pre-Order before 1st Dec 2021. Last call for this year

Over the course of their first ten years, Deafheaven's music vacillated between tormented beauty and harmonic rage - a hybrid of black metal's malice and shoegaze's sublime wall-of-sound. On their fifth album, "Infinite Granite," Deafheaven is no longer toying with the juxtaposition of pitting metallic abrasion against swirling grandeur. Quite the opposite: "Infinite Granite" is a bold and brave leap forward, a gorgeous and invigorating album brimming with style and splendor.

Track Listing:

1. Shellstar
2. In Blur
3. Great Mass Of Color
4. Neptune Raining Diamonds
5. Lament For Wasps
6. Villain
7. The Gnashing
8. Other Language
9. Mombasa