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• Daighila "Daighila" T-Shirt

RM 65.00

Cactus Records

Printed on Gildan ULTRA Cotton shirt.
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After a decade since their last release, this 4-piece Rembau Screamo unit unveils yet another brand new album that will be released in mid-2022. There is true quality to this "Self Titled" album and it channels Daighila's true sound. Eight new songs are meticulously arranged, and richly-developed and taking them to the next level with what is surely their best record yet; well-structure guitar riffs, explosive drums, emotional vocals, bigger sound production.

All Tracks are Recorded, Mixed by Mokhtarizal at Iseek Music and Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air. Come in 140g Silver Color Vinyl (Pressing of 300 copies).


1. Amalgamation
2. Gandasuli
3. The Warm Comfort from the Shackles We Bear
4. Dark Monsoon

5. Burial Speech
6. A Reaching Around of Arms
7. Contradictions
8. Constant Swell