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• Pre-order : Chat Pile "God's Country" LP/CD/Cassette

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Flenser Recordings

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Available in Black Color Vinyl, CD and Cassette format!

A bizarre but weirdly logical fusion of 80s Touch And Go noise-rock, weird nu/industrial metal riffing, a drummer who plays an electronic drumkit, and a vocalist who doesn’t sing so much as perform weird and terrifying spoken word character sketches over the din beneath. Their sound struck a chord with those on the hunt for unusual sounds almost immediately, being as ugly as it was compelling. - The Sleeping Shaman

Chat Pile’s debut album makes no radical changes to that mixture; it just sounds bigger, uglier, and scarier. Once again handling production duties themselves, they’ve beefed up the music’s proportions, finding new depths in a mixdown that churns like a swollen river thickened with flood debris. Beginning with a halting progression of drum fills before exploding into Busch’s larynx-shredding shriek, the opening “Slaughterhouse” underscores just how forbidding their sound has gotten. The bass is tuned so low that its tones no longer register as actual notes—more like dark, gelatinous stains spreading across the low end. The guitar stabs and slashes, carving out dissonant yet hypnotic riffs that are catchy in spite of themselves. And the merciless snares and toms, driven home like a cattle pistol to the head, are the perfect complement to a song about abattoirs. -