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• Pre-Order : Bongzilla "Amerijuanican" LP

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The leading band in the sludge/stoner scene returns with another amazingly crushing, but wildly groovy release. The riffs are just a bit less fuzzy and sludgy than before (not necessarily bad), but this time around, they throw Black Sabbath-esque groove solos into the mix, as well as cut down on the vocals. This allows for your head to bob involuntarily pretty much throughout the whole thing and it makes the album a whole lot more memorable when you sit back and absorb the fantastic riffing. The drumming is much more spot on this time too; funky, jazzy beats in the slower/softer parts, while the standard 4/4 blasting shines through where it needs to. The band has clearly re-defined their sound with a excellent release; a must have for anyone wanting to get into this fantastic genre known as sludge.