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• Arctic Monkey "Favorites Worse Nightmare" CD

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Snarly and stone-sharpened, the Arctic Monkeys open their sophomore effort with "Brianstorm," a bracing blast of guitar fractures and rhythmic herky-jerks. Alex Turner's voice is the centerpiece, scoured the way the Streets' Mike Skinner's quick. Favourite Worst Nightmare moves from frontal blast quickly to the lean, mid-paced pop nugget, "Teddy Picker," which even with its clear guitars and straight rhythms still has Turner's tart intonation piercing the air. The tugging bass and guitar of "Fluorescent Adolescent" show shades of the retro-soul tip that drives Amy Winehouse (and Lily Allen), showing that the Arctic Monkeys have a taste for the dancefloor that spans generations, even if their guitars can cut across each other with relentless jaggedness while Turner's caustic pipes lasso the ears. Nightmare expands the band's reach, as when "Do Me a Favour" goes wonderfully haywire from tumbling rhythm, clear-guitar, and fluid narrative to a cresting blast of guitars--big and brawny and borne from the merely tumultuous, like the band itself. --Andrew Bartlett