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• Maggot Brain #6 - #14 (9 issue) Combo Magazine

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Maggot Brain

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Maggot Brain is a quarterly magazine published by Third Man Records, the Detroit-based independent record label founded by Jack White in 2001. Edited by Mike McGonigal, Maggot Brain Magazine has an A-list cast of writers contributing to what is an extremely satisfying, straight-ahead music magazine. Content is both contemporary and archival centred around rock, punk, jazz and roots sounds, rounded out with artistic, literary and cultural musings. There’s a slightly new look to the cover of Issue 13 as the MB logo changes every three issues. The cover story features Prince, with reprints of rare writings by the great writers Ann Powers, Michael A. Gonzales, and Greil Marcus. Order 9 issue, #6-14 for just RM 378