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• Godflesh "Songs of Love and Hate" LP

RM 115.00

Earache Records

Red Vinyl

Formed in Birmingham in 1988, Godflesh had a pretty good stab at redefining what the term industrial was all about. They were obviously heavy, but this was an incongruous alloy of metal lords Black Sabbath and extreme electronic pioneers Whitehouse machined to be oppressive as inhumanly possible.

It should therefore come as no surprise that some of Godflesh's early work could be described as challenging, and at times almost unlistenable. That said, nothing sounded quite like them and that, as a rule, was a plus. Originally available in 1996, a period of uncertainty for British metal, Songs Of Love And Hate puts down a pretty solid waypoint for where industrial metal was at the time. In many ways, in fact, it can be said to have defined the genre while at the same time clearing the path for new direction.